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What if you could start working on your anxiety from your living room?

Introducing Anti-Anxiety Academy, the brand-new community hub which teaches the anxiety skills you need to manage anxiety and get back into your life.

Even if you have no clue what anxiety is and how it works, we'll walk you right through the process from start to finish.

We've run our anxiety clinic for the last 6 years and have helped thousands of people get on top of their anxiety.

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"A friend suggested I contact Anxiety Specialists about a year ago, I had hit rock bottom and my crippling anxiety and panic had taken over my life.

I was unable to work, I had no appetite. I was no longer living, just merely surviving and had no hope that I would ever feel "normal" again.

Even after my first session with Michael I started to think that maybe just maybe there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Slowly, week by week, with his guidance I began to understand that I could take control of my own mind, and therefore my life.

There have been good weeks and not so good weeks.

At times the process has been challenging and confronting.

Panic has tried to creep its way back in, but I now have the tools to address it head on.

I am back at work and thriving, I have greater self confidence and look forward to the future.

I feel happiness and gratitude daily and therefore am a better mother, wife and friend.

Michael has been there throughout the journey - never judging, always gently guiding.

He is a wonderful teacher and skilled practitioner, I cannot thank him enough."

*Name changed to preserve privacy

I was having yet another panic attack

I was freaking out and thought, “if this gets any worse I’m not going to be able to cope”.

I started thinking about killing myself to escape my distress.

As you might imagine, this only made things more intense and seemingly unbearable.

Up until a year ago, panic had been a big issue in my life.

I’d struggled with it since I was a small child, when my parents wanted to walk past a trespass sign and I was crying uncontrollably begging them not go so the rising tide of fear and distress would subside.

I didn’t always realise that the overwhelming feelings were panic.

That the avoidance of things that might trigger this panic were part of a larger panic cycle.

Maybe it was because I struggled with other anxiety too and hadn’t pinpointed this.

However it had the horrible side effect of limiting and restricting my life.

I’d say no to going to a party.

I’d freak out when traveling.

And when I ran from my job because of panic, I found myself unemployed, depressed and concerningly suicidal.

What’s the point of continuing on when panic sucks the joy and excitement and fun out of life?

Leaving you with fear, shame and hopelessness.

I was so frustrated with the panic.

It was getting in the way of so much!

Enjoying time with friends, caring for my son, and ultimately, living the adventurous and interesting life I really wanted.

You see, my panic would lead to isolation and restriction.

Making my life smaller and smaller as the years passed.

The thing is, life didn’t have to be like that.

And when I implemented the things we are going to tell about you on this page, my life radically changed.

There are things you can do that reduce and remove panic attacks from your life and the vicious cycles you can get into.

What I can tell you is avoidance is not the path to reduce and remove panic attacks.

Avoidance heads in the direction of a small cramped existence that can make life feel like it’s not worth living.

Michael and I want to help you to follow the right path, that will lead you to the large and abundant life that you deserve.

Full of the hopes and dreams you feel are too impossible a reach for you right now.

IF you take the time to read this page, and don’t close it to follow that old avoidance path…

We will share with you the 5 steps it will take to get to this bright and beautiful future.

And if you do what we lay out here, you will find yourself in a place where:

- You can travel where ever your heart is set on

- You can hit new heights in your career that were previously blocked by panic

- You can be the person who shows up to events, no matter how big and who might be there… and have a BALL!

Most importantly, if you follow these steps, you will find yourself in a place where panic isn’t getting in the way of your life and dictating where you can or can’t go and what you can and can’t do.

You will be in charge of your life and future.

Not panic!

Michael & Becky

Hi – I’m Becky and over the last 6 years

my husband, Clinical Psychologist Michael Burrows, and I have run the Anxiety Specialists Clinic and helped many people overcome their anxiety. 

We have thousands of people who follow our YouTube channel and Facebook page where we fortnightly share videos packed with information about anxiety. 

And after our recent video series and relaxation challenge we received many emails from people saying how helpful they found the information and exercises.   

We bring the best of both worlds with Michael’s clinical experience and my own experience overcoming anxiety as well as a number of other mental health conditions including PTSD and depression. 

And today our goal is to teach you everything we know about managing anxiety.

Michael has a way of explaining things that I have not found anywhere else. 

He was a way with Anxiety.  

Like a skilled detective, searching for clues. He is able to locate the source of anxiety and pinpoint what maintains it like no one else I know. 

His passion for research has lead him off the commonly travelled path to areas, like nutrition for example, that other therapists often overlook. 

Having specialised in it and seen hundreds of clients personally, he has figured out the formulas for treating many kinds of anxiety.  

Step-by-step he can walk them through the maze of the condition and out into the light of recovery.

Featured in news, radio and magazines

Through talking to Michael I realised there were 3 keys to overcoming Panic

The first key was to know what I was afraid of.

Know thyself

The crazy thing was that each time I was panicking, and then panicking about panicking, I didn’t really know what it was I was scared of.

What the prediction was, that I was making about what would happen.

I felt like I couldn’t cope, but what did that even mean?

Michael asked me a great question:

“What does not coping look like? In this scenario where you don’t cope, what happens?” 

So I thought for a moment.

“I’m scared that if these unbearable feelings get any worse, I will lose control. I’ll do something stupid. Like hurt myself, or maybe even kill myself.”

The irony of this slapped me right in the face.

My brain was unhelpfully suggesting killing myself to avoid these horrible feelings, but that was the very thing that I was afraid of.

It started to become clear to me that those thoughts, probably came about from my fear of the possibility of killing myself.

And on and on the cycle goes.

Now this won’t be the case for everyone.

Some people are afraid that if the panic gets worse, they will have a heart attack, or not be able to breathe and suffocate.

The important thing with the first key to overcoming panic through knowing thyself, is to identify what that is.

What is the fear?

It's likely that you are doing things to prevent this from happening that is only making things worse.


The next key was:

Know thy enemy

A big part of the problem with my panic attacks was I didn’t know what was going on.

I didn’t understand why I felt so terrible

Why I was so intensely afraid.

What was happening to me.

Everything to do with panic was this big scary unknown.

The way to do this is through psychoeducation.

What’s going on when you panic can be explained both psychologically and physiologically.

Knowing what was happening in my body when I was panicking

And how my thoughts triggered and maintained this took away the mystery.

And with that, a big dose of the uncertainty and fear that was connected to it.


Lastly I learned the 3rd and final key to overcoming panic:

Is to try and make it worse

This was such a counterintuitive step that if I didn’t have Michael there explaining it to me, I could have discounted it as complete nonsense.

You see the common response to panic is to try to control it.

Try to prevent it from getting worse.

Or to try to escape, by leaving the situation.

The last thing I wanted was for the panic to get worse!

That was the very thing that I was afraid of.

That was the reason I avoided parties with friends and large social gatherings like movies and concerts.

It’s why I feared flying, especially alone, and tried to avoid it if I could.

However, Michael went on to explain that the things I was trying to do to avoid the panic, were making it worse.

That panic is the fear of fear.

Like many other anxieties, exposure to your fears is a big part of overcoming them.

With panic the fear is of the panic.

So the way to get that much needed exposure to my fear was to expose myself to the panic and try to make it worse.

He shared how not all clients would do this straight away.

Others would take a long time to work up to it.

Some would never do it at all.

However, there were a few that would take his advice and dive in.

They would lean into a panic attack and say “do your worst”.

They would search for ways to make it feel worse.

Feeling claustrophobic?

They would go sit in a cupboard.

Scared of passing out?

They would start hyperventilating.. on purpose!

He said that when they did this, the most amazing thing would happen.

The panic would peak and drop off.

It would lose its sting.

So not wanting to be outdone, I decided to do it.

I started hyperventilating.

I tensed all my muscles.

I screamed at it in my head and externally to do its worst.

It didn’t get any worse.

Then it started decreasing and decreasing in intensity, until it was all but gone.

I was blown away.

It had worked!

I’d done all I could to make it worse and instead it went away.

It was the weirdest thing.

It was like down was up, and up was down!

But I gained incredible confidence from that experience.

Now I knew what needed to be done.

Looking back at what it took to overcome panic, I can see 4 phases I went through

The first was a Panic Briefing: about what I was dealing with

I got Michael to share with me an in-depth psychoeducation about panic.

This knowledge gave me the confidence to move into the second phase.


Recalibrating my senses

During that panic attack I exposed myself to the different physical sensations that were distressing me.

Like hyperventilating.

Doing this helped me to see that they weren’t dangerous.

I also realised I had been doing something else leading up to all of this that was recalibrating my senses and was helping reduce the frequency of my panic attacks.

I was doing regular daily relaxation, through deep breathing exercises before going out riding with my dog.

I could see that this was making quite a difference.

I wasn’t using it to control the panic when it happened.

I knew now, that didn’t work.

However doing them regularly was.

The third phase I went through, that I saw myself doing when Michael helped me challenge my panic was just that.


Challenging the thoughts connected to the panic

When I realised I was thinking about dying to escape the fear of killing myself, I had to laugh.

I realised how counterproductive and cyclical that was.

Once those thoughts had been challenged, it was time to expose myself to the panic itself.

Not just that one time but again and again.

And that was the fourth phase...


Exposure through going places

I went on a plane trip and tried to make one happen.

The funny thing was it didn’t.

I tried hyperventilating.

I tried moving my head quickly from side to side while darting my eyes about.

I even tried tensing my whole body and willing it to happen.


I ended up laughing.

I looked and felt a bit silly doing all of this.

However that was it.

No panic, no meltdown, no intense unbearable feelings.

Then a few weeks later I was visiting the hospital, somewhere I had struggled to go, and got trapped in a lift heading the wrong direction. 

This time I did panic.

It was almost exciting.

“Yay I’m panicking I can finally try those things I having been learning!”

I tried to make it worse.

And by the time I got back to my husband and child who I had been separated from, it was already dropping away.

I couldn’t believe it.

Panic wasn’t the massive deal it used to be.

The next time I went on a plane, I didn’t even think about it.

I just flew on a plane.

It was only when I got back and my parents called to see how I was, knowing I struggled in the past with flying.

I talked about the baby doing fine and they asked again:

“But how were you?”

Oh that’s right I used to panic on planes and avoid travel.

I’d been so fine this time that I’d completely forgotten about that.

That was a huge moment for me.

It felt absolutely incredible.

I’d done it!

That’s when I knew panic wouldn’t get in the way of me living my life anymore.

Now panic doesn’t stop me from doing anything.

I’ve got my independence back.

I go where I want, when I want.

With or without others.

It doesn’t matter.


The pool.

Seeing a movie.

All things I struggled to do, that now don’t register as an issue.

I don’t think twice about flying.

I confidently drive with my son.

I’ve been on holidays with lots of people staying in the same accommodation and it doesn’t phase me like it did before.

The incredible thing is that when I feel anxious now, it doesn’t stop me.

And that has opened up the ability to dream and have desires again.

I feel so incredibly grateful to have so many of the things I want in my life now.

Things that my anxiety kept me from going after.

Before my anxiety would keep us up at night for hours as I would freak out.

Talk on and on about it.

And struggle to get it under control.

Now the times I struggle to sleep is because of how exciting my life is.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to wrap up conversations with Michael because we are talking about all the amazing possibilities available to us now.

Things that panic used to make seemingly impossible.

I enjoy my life now.

I love travelling, working in our business, and spending time with our son.

I love my life and I welcome the challenges it brings.

Overcoming panic has brought me this new found confidence in myself.

If I overcame that, then I can overcome this next challenge and the next.

I also feel so proud of myself.

It wasn’t easy to do but I did it.

I can’t tell you for how many years I hated myself and thought I was a failure.

It’s great to love myself and who I have become.

It's been great getting to this place.

It has also made me think about people like you.

Out there still struggling with panic like I used to.

I don’t want you living in misery.

Isolated and restricted.

Missing out on the joy you could have from opportunities you are currently missing out on.

I don’t want you believing you are incapable and weak, like I used to think about myself.

Not when there are keys to overcoming panic and a straightforward process to achieving it.


During this time, I had been helping Michael to run an Anxiety Specialist Clinic

It was great to see him helping people, but as I looked at the numbers I knew there was a cap on the impact we could have.

There are only so many hours in the day and only so many clients Michael can see face-to-face.

I was also sharing my journey on online platforms at the time.

On YouTube and Reddit.

It was so cool to be able to encourage and inspire others in their journeys.

Then we had an idea.

What if we combined my journey and stories, with Michael’s expert psychological knowledge?

What if we created something that inspired and informed people like you, and gave you the map to overcome panic in an easily accessible medium?

Especially something that could help those stuck at home due to their panic!

Something that anyone could access, anywhere in the world, at anytime of the night or day.

What if we could support, encourage and coach you on group calls, where we all go through this together?

That’s where the idea to create the online Panic to Peace course came from.

You see, through Michael’s years of experience working with anxiety and panic, he has developed a treatment plan that walks people right through the process.

I want you to have access to this course because it covers in detail two of the things I wish I had known years ago

Firstly it clearly outlines: 

What panic and panic cycles are

If I’d known this years ago, I wouldn’t have been so afraid of them.

I wouldn’t have questioned my sanity and my competency.

I wouldn’t have let it erode my confidence.

It also would have helped me to realise that avoidance was the opposite of helpful and was the reason why this second thing is so important.


I needed exposure to the panic and I put that off for years.

Years of wasted opportunities.

I did a theatre degree and then never got an agent to help me get acting work.

I let the panic get in my way and I will never know if I could have made it had I tried.

Many of my job loses and periods of unemployment link back to panic and avoidance.

In this course we cover exposure.

But not just, "go out and do it."

How to plan exposure.

How to do graded exposure so you know which one to tackle first.

How to build up your confidence in yourself.

So that when you are tackling that epic goal you see as impossible now.

It’s totally achievable.

There are also things that we can do when getting exposure that can completely undermine our efforts.

Imagine finally getting up the courage to do that thing you're terrified of and then having no improvement.

It’d feel like a waste of time aye?

Especially if you don’t have anyone to help you work out what you did wrong.

That’s where we want to help you to see the things you are doing, the safety behaviours, that are getting in your way.

Michael has a talent for spotting these and we want you to have access to that expertise in our group calls.

I want you to have a step-by-step process to walk you through this.

So you don’t have to waste hours of your life doing internet research to only find, when you implement the strategies yourself, that you get little or no progress due to subtle things others often fail to mention. 

This isn’t just the case for online resources. We know of people who have tried one-on-one therapy and their therapist hasn’t covered these things either.

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"Anxiety Specialists have been invaluable in helping me to develop effective strategies to treat anxiety...

Anxiety treatment is delivered in a simple, straightforward manner.

With those relevant psychological processes explained through concise, easy-to-understand diagrams, and offers practical solutions that address the root causes of anxiety.

Psychologist, Michael Burrows, is empathetic and extremely helpful.

He acts as a sounding board and provides useful and empowering guidance while allowing you to develop and implement your own strategies to manage anxiety."

*Name changed to preserve privacy

Now it's Your Turn:

To Learn the Keys to Managing Anxiety

The Step-By-Step Blueprint For Overcoming Panic That I Wish I Had 5 Years Ago

Panic to Peace, a 6-week video course that takes you through the psychological skills that you need to get out of panic.

Unlike other courses out there, Panic to Peace has been created by a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in Anxiety, and someone who has personally struggled with Panic. So it contains lots of great psychological information and personal stories of overcoming panic.

Where other courses are made up mostly of bland worksheets and are incredibly difficult to locate, this engaging video course is expertly tailored to guide you through your journey from panic to peace.

Some online courses give you scattered resources to help you overcome your panic. Ours structures it in a way that you're set up to succeed.

Each phase builds on the last to give you the confidence to get your life back and get out there.

You can have access very soon









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Monthly Video Content

Anti-Anxiety psychological skills that you can learn and master at your own pace

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Worksheets and Challenges

To help you apply what you learn and get the most out of this

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

Get your content and  community online or use the convenient mobile app

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We’ve packed an incredible amount of information and step-by-step teaching into the 4 phases of Panic to Peace. (And just wait until you see the bonuses we’re including for free when you enroll today).

Panic briefing

The knowledge to understand exactly how anxiety works and why you're feeling the way you're feeling.

We'll cover anxiety and the related emotions of depression and anger. Along with each different type of anxiety. So you know we've got you covered.

Recalibrate your senses

The highly effective research-backed skills, tactics and techniques that enable you to manage your anxiety.

Regular online video classes.

Challenges and support to get the most out of them.

Free your mind

The community and support to encourage you to live a fulfilling life without anxiety in your way.

Private, easily accessible via mobile app, and with input and moderation by anxiety specialists.

Going places

In this last phase we get into exposure, which step-by-step will make it possible for you to do all the things you’ve been missing out on.

We walk you through the process and encourage you along the way with helpful examples.

Get back into your life, chill with your friends, or travel.

Follow the process and the world is your oyster.

And that’s not all. We’re also including...

Actionable Step-By-Step Worksheets, Audios and Videos

Extras to help you to apply what you’re learning, and allowing you to follow a step by step process without stressing out or getting confused.

The perfect supplement to the core videos. The action steps hold your hand throughout the process… so you don’t have to guess what to do at any point.

From figuring out how your anxiety works… to walking you through how to do each of the skills you'll need… the worksheets will be there for you.

All you have to do is follow the steps we’ve laid out for you and you’ll be well on the way to mastering the skills you need to manage your anxiety.


Bonus: You Get These For Free

As a special bonus we’re including over $2,000 in free bonuses. When you join today, you’ll get access to:

Sleep School logo


Value $297

6 video lessons covering the key areas you'll need for better and longer sleep.

Bonus sleep relaxation audio track to help you drift off with ease.

Relaxation Challenge

5-Day Relaxation Challenge Course

Value $147

5 daily videos

Covering valuable relaxation information and exercises.

You can repeat the challenge as often as you need to turn relaxation into a lifelong habit.

Filmed in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand.

Relaxation Library

Relaxation Library

Value $20

3 downloadable relaxation exercises

Head on over to your very own relaxation library whenever you want to.

Relax with these soothing audio tracks.

Including: Slow breathing, Deep breathing and Progressive Muscle Relaxation.


Q&A with a Clinical Psychologist 

Value $2,000+

Access to group calls every month

As a member, you’ll receive exclusive access to Michael during your LIVE Group Q&A Calls.

Michael will provide insightful answers to your questions and coach you through the phases of Anxiety Management.

Because Michael doesn’t have a lot of availability for one-on-one clients, these calls offer invaluable lessons and opportunities for breakthroughs… for FREE

Access to treatment

Priority notification

To become a one-on-one client

Looking for tailored personal anxiety treatment?

Members of Anti-Anxiety Academy get priority notification when Michael has a space open-up for weekly one-on-one anxiety treatment.

(Separate cost of $250 for 50min session)

Total Bonus Value = over $2,000


Is Anti-Anxiety Academy right for you?

Our goal is not to get as many people joining our membership as possible, we want to find the right people and give them the maximum chance of recovery. 

Our group isn't just a support group. Its an action group. A "do the work" group. Its not about avoiding anxiety. It's about managing it.

I’ll be honest: Anti-Anxiety Academy isn’t for everyone. So please read these rules carefully to find out whether or not you’re a good fit for our membership:

Anti-Anxiety Academy is NOT for you if:

You want a quick "snap your fingers" fix and aren't willing to put in the work to manage your anxiety. Anxiety management takes work. You can’t just watch a few videos and expect your life to change without putting in any work.

You're not over the age of 18. Anti-Anxiety Academy is specifically for adults, so you will need to be over the age of 18 to join.

You want a place to unload all of your fears onto others. Yes there will be a community who want to support you and will understand your struggles in a way you may never have experienced before. However if you only want to unload and don't want to do anything to manage that anxiety, this is NOT the group for you. We will be supporting and encouraging you to take action, not just stay and feed into the anxiety. If you are unwilling to grow and learn, this isn't the group for you.

You want new ways to avoid anxiety. I care about your recovery more than anything else. The Anti-Anxiety Academy is built the same way: it’s focused on real results, not feeding you some fluffy “feel good” videos. This membership is not for you if you just want someone to make you feel good and help you avoid your anxiety. Managing anxiety can be uncomfortable at times, it can be a bit scary. We are here to support you through that discomfort, not help you avoid it. Avoiding those feelings is the reason you are in the place you are right now, needing this help. If you’re not willing to challenge that, then Anti-Anxiety Academy is not for you.

Anti-Anxiety Academy IS for you if:

You're struggling with Anxiety. The Anti-Anxiety Academy is specifically for people who are dealing with anxiety and want ways to manage it. It doesn't matter what sort of anxiety you specifically struggle with, if you identify as having a problem with anxiety, this is for you.

You want to learn what you can do to manage your anxiety. We will be teaching you want we know from our years of experience in helping others manage their anxiety. As soon as you join you will get access to Michael's signature psychoeducation that will get you up-to-speed on what you're dealing with. We will support you in the group and run challenges to make the changes you need to do to get that anxiety down to a more functional level.

You want to connect with others who get what you're going through in a moderated environment. This group is going to be just that. Michael and I will be overseeing it and making sure what is in there is helpful rather than harmful. This will be a supportive and action focused group. We will encourage people to share their successes to encourage others. When people share they are struggling, the expectation will be to come to it with a willingness to learn how to get back up.


I have experienced the difference between an action-focused group and a support group.

Action focused groups ARE empathetic and supportive. At the same time it is inspiring and motivating. Through an action-focused group you start to see real change in your life.

Support groups generally support people where they are at. They can be caring but sometimes they can actually fuel the anxiety of others because they are not doing the work to manage their own anxiety. These people are easily triggered and it can become a pass-on-pain scenario rather than a feel-and-heal situation.

I know which I would prefer to be in hands down and our group IS going to be an action focused group.

If you’re still unsure, just take a look at the testimonials featured all over this page. Those are the kind of people who decided to work with us and get results. And look how they turned out.

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"Anxiety Specialists have helped me a great deal with my anxiety, especially going out for walks.

And also they are the friendliest people you could ever meet."

*Name changed to preserve privacy

Money Back Guarantee

Our Invincible Guarantee

Try Panic to Peace 100% Risk-Free For 365 Days

Try out our Panic course for a whole year without risking a cent.

That’s how much we stand behind Panic to Peace.

Now you can get through the course in 6 weeks or take your time.

You have months to learn all about how panic works, start relaxing the right way, recalibrating your brain’s misinterpretation of body signals and unhelpful thought cycles, and nullifying panic through exposure to get back into the life you want before you need to decide.

Why did we insist on such a strong guarantee?

We don't want anything getting in the way of you getting started on the course and getting on top of your panic.

We want you to be able to go through the entire course (through all the assignments and lessons) and get free from panic BEFORE committing to paying for the course.

This way, all the risk is on us.

And if for some reason you aren’t absolutely DELIGHTED with Panic to Peace, just let us know by email and we’ll promptly refund you.

It’s that simple. All we ask is that you give the process a fair chance and do the work. As long as you show us that you’ve done the assignments found in our worksheets, you’ve got an entire year to test out the system - 100% risk-free.

Why are we doing this?

Because we know the process works.

If you go through Panic to Peace and don’t get a significant reduction in your panic attacks, then we don’t want your money.

But I know it’s going to have a massive impact on your life. I know what psychological treatment can do. And I want to make it absolutely clear that we stand behind this product 100%.

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll in Panic to Peace today risk-free, and decide sometime within the next 365 days.

Get access to Anti-Anxiety Academy for the lowest price it will ever be.

Now I imagine you're wondering how much this will cost you.
It’s a time of uncertainty and many may be facing time away from work unpaid.
Firstly, I want to remind you of the value you will be getting.
A real threat you are facing right now is to your mental health.
There are risks associated with that.
I had to stop working for a few years because I let it get to a point where I needed intense intervention.
We don’t want that for you and the subsequent financial strain of not working.
I estimate I lost at least $100,000 of income during that period.
Not to mention the emotional and relational strain.
If you are wanting support, seeing a therapist 1:1 can be expensive.
$200 a week is not uncommon.
Michael’s rate is even higher than that.
The thing is, Michael will be on this membership monthly to answer your burning questions LIVE.
Access to a clinical psychologist for this alone would be worth $3,000 a year.
I have easily spent $20,000 on therapy for myself to get the results I have achieved.
As a part of the Anti-Anxiety Academy you will also get regular video content to help you manage your anxiety.
As a benchmark our courses go for between $297-$997.
Not to mention the support group you will get access to.
This, you can’t put a price on.
I can tell you that connection with people who understood what I was going through, and could support me without judgement, saved my life.
That’s not an exaggeration.
The thing is, we don’t want money to be a barrier.
We don’t even want you to feel hesitant to jump in.
Wondering if it will be worth what you paid?
We will only be asking you invest $1!
$1 and you will get access to Anti-Anxiety Academy right now!
That will give you a whole month's access to our membership and if it’s not for you then you can cancel at anytime.
However, I know you will love it and start seeing results in your life, when you start implementing what we teach you.
And when you continue your membership with us it will only cost you $29 NZD per month ($19 USD).
That’s less than a dollar a day to take back control of your anxiety, surrounded by the support and community you desire.
We won’t guarantee this price for people joining in the future.
However, for you the monthly subscription of $29 a month price never goes up, as long as you remain a member.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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Only $1 for the first month, then $29NZD from there




Just $1 for the first month, then $19USD from there


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Anti-Anxiety Academy is:

Effective treatment


With this kind of therapy, 80% or more of people tend to see significant improvements to their anxiety.

Convenient treatment


It can be accessed from home, at any time. There's even a handy phone app.

Low cost treatment

Low cost

The cost is much lower than seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist for an equivalent amount of treatment.

Immediate treatment

Accessible now

You can get access immediately without any waiting periods or bookings.

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"I moved to New Zealand in 2013 after leaving a highly stressful job in the US.

I thought that moving to New Zealand would solve my anxiety, but I actually found that the anxiety increased as I navigated unfamiliar situations such as finding new friends, a job in my career field (I’ve never had to look hard for work before), and all the unknowns about what future lie ahead of us in our new country.

One of the biggest things I have learned is that we take ourselves with us wherever we go.

In the US, many doctors are much more free in prescribing medications such as benzo’s, which may decrease anxiety symptoms in the short-term, but do not address the actual causes of a person’s anxiety.

Like many of my friends in the US, my doctor offered medications, but did not address the reasons behind the anxiety.

After I couldn't go into my local mall without a partial panic attack, I located Anxiety Specialists through a Google search.

During my first appointment with Michael, we talked about my symptoms and history of over-work and perfectionism, which I have used to self-manage my anxiety since childhood.

He explained to me how the brain processes stimuli and engages in processes such as rumination, which can lead to a cycle of anxiety.

Michael has helped me understand the causes of my anxiety and how to manage symptoms in a pro-active way.

Today, I am much more aware of my triggers.

I have made so much progress that I can now publicly speak in front of hundreds of people, something that I never thought would be possible again.

I still experience anxiety and even partial panic attacks, but I know have tools to manage them.

I also no longer believe my thoughts as truths, but rather often the results of anxious thinking and cognitive thinking errors.

Michael’s positive, educational, and practical approach to anxiety has helped given me my life back.

When I hit a tough anxious period, I now have optimism that I will pull through it with the tools I’ve learned from our sessions.

Thank you for your work in this important area!"

*Name changed to preserve privacy

Not sure what to do? Read this:

If you’ve read this far down on the page, it’s safe to say there’s at least a small piece of you that’s interested.

You “get” what I’ve been talking about.

You may or may not know that the vast majority of people who struggle with anxiety never seek treatment…

and yet…

there’s a small percentage of people that want more out of their lives than restriction and isolation.

The kind of people like me and you.

You want more than managing symptoms and just surviving.

You don’t just want to struggle through day by day…

you want to really recover and start thriving.

And you won’t settle for a small restricted life.

If that’s true, then you’re exactly the type of person who we made Anti-Anxiety Academy for.

See, I came from a pretty small and restricted existence due to my anxiety.

And I know there’s a lot of people out there who are trapped, like I used to be, and want to break free.

If that’s you, then all I can say is you already know whether or not you want to join.

Trust your gut.

If it’s telling you no, that’s fine. No hard feelings.

Anti-Anxiety Academy isn’t for everyone.

But if you feel like this is something you could really sink your teeth into...

like Anti-Anxiety Academy is something that could be a turning point in your life...

Then please do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Don’t wait too long, because in this climate you need to start managing the anxiety today.

Take a look at what all the other people have accomplished on this page.

If they can do it, so can you.

And with our $1 trial month, I can proudly say:

There is zero chance you’ll regret enrolling, but there is a 100% chance that you’ll regret putting this off (especially considering all it will cost you is $1).

So click the button below.

Fill out your information on the next page.

And I’ll see you inside the Anti-Anxiety Academy.

I can’t wait to get to know you and see what you accomplish.


Try it out for just $1!



You've seen some of their stories

It’s all over this page.

Countless examples of people freeing themselves from anxiety's grasp.

Like I said before, we’re only looking to assist those who are motivated to change.

People who are willing to take action and seize the opportunity.

And since joining will only cost you $1. It’s really up to you.

Either you can take action and enroll now, while this is still available.

Or you can wait and miss out.

You see, with the huge volumes of people needing this support, we may be overrun and have to limit the number of people who can join.

In your mind, you’ve got two options. Take (what feels like) a risk, or don’t.

But in reality, that’s not what’s at stake here.

You shouldn’t be asking yourself: “option 1 or option 2?”

Think about what’s really at stake…

What happens if you don’t take action?

Well, on one hand, your life might just stay the same.

You’ll continue heading down the same path as you are right now.

And if you’re happy as can be…

if your life is perfect…

then you probably don’t need Anti-Anxiety Academy.

And I’m happy for you. That’s so great to hear.

So many people are really struggling with the restrictions and fear blasting out at them from news media and their Facebook feed.

I'm so happy to hear that's not you.

But if you're not happy with your life…

If you resonate with my story, then this is a much, much bigger deal for you.

Because saying “no” to an opportunity like this might not just leave you in the same position and path that you’re on right now.

How many more opportunities like this will come your way?

How many more times will someone offer to take you by the hand and teach you step-by-step how to manage your anxiety?

Probably not many.

For that reason, the real question you should be asking yourself is:

“If not now, when?”

If you aren’t willing to make today a turning point in your life, then when will you be ready?

There’s only a certain amount of time left before you get stuck on your current path.

Do you really want to risk that?

Do you really want to risk going through this current situation without support for your mental health?

Do you really want to risk ending up as some 50 year old who looks back on life and thinks:

“Why didn’t I do things differently? Why didn’t I start working on my anxiety earlier? Why did I let it confine me to a small life when I could have been appreciating life and connecting with others who understand me?”

Take it from me, if I hadn’t gotten started when I did… I likely would’ve never gotten started at all.

My entire life could’ve changed for the worse.

Just by saying:

“Ehh, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

I could’ve missed out on everything that I currently have to be happy about in life.

So don’t do that.

Don’t be your own worst enemy.

Especially not when the opportunity is placed right in front of you with so little risk.

Take 30 seconds right now and enroll in the Anti-Anxiety Academy.

You can get started (with next to no risk) for just $1.

It's a crazy starting price, but we don't want money to be a barrier for anyone right now!

Why not give it a shot? If it doesn’t work, you can cancel at anytime.

Click the button below and I’ll see you in there.


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